IronWolf High Speed Slasher Model 8XP Attachment

Brand: Ironwolf
Product Code: 8XP
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Used - Very Good Condition

Serial Number 8HSRM03708107


  • Purchased brand new in 2009 for $75,984.32
  • Originally mounted on a BRON 400 (BRON 400 NOT INCLUDED)


Trees, brush, and stumps? No problem!

The IronWolf High Speed Slasher attachment is designed to tackle the toughest jobs and maximize the power from the crawler to the cutting head. The robust, high torque design is ready for any challenge and will clear the land and your mind that you made the best choice.


   - Firebreaks

   - Land Clearing

   - Land Reclamation

   - Low Impact Seismic Mulching

   - RIght-of-Way Clearing and Maintenance

   - Site Preparation

Power Requirements (HP): 400 (min.) - 550 (max.)

Hydraulic Flow (GPM): 190

Pressure (PSI): 3,500 (min.) - 4,500 (max.)


                    Cutting Width - 96 in. (2,438 mm)

                    Overall Width - 110 in. (2,794 mm)

                    Max. Drum Diameter - 29.5 in. (749 mm)

Tool Quantity: 100

Drum RPM: 700